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Bangkok Street Food Tour

Bangkok has been ranked as one of the foodiest cities & no doubt it deserves this position. Street food in Bangkok is widely popular just like any other south-east Asian country where people tend to eat a lot more outdoors and that's one of the reason that Bangkok has so many food markets (Ta-laad - in Thai).
In Thai they've a saying which means "Eyes bigger than stomach". The reason is that they really have very delicious food and they tend to order a lot more they can eat. Well I'll list down some common dishes and food markets to eat real Thai food.

Some common dishes in Thailand are"

  • Tom Yum Krung

The most common dish you can find almost anywhere. It's Thai soup with flavor of lemon grass, ginger, chilli peppers and lime juice mixed with ingredients of shrimps or mushroom (if you prefer).

  • Noodles 

Easily the most consumed dish in Thailand and by far the most healthiest as well. Noodles came to Thailand from China but during the years have transformed them into Thai style because of the ingredients they use like the fish sauce, chillies, vegetables, meat balls, fish balls, beef slices etc. You can choose from rice noodles, egg noodles or white flour noodles. The choice is all yours!
  • Som-Tum (Green papaya salad)

Also known as Papaya salad with shrimps on top is famous among Thais or Tourists. It could be served in different ways - dried shrimps or pickled crabs.

  • Pad-Thai

Pad-Thai could cost somewhere around 25 baht - 50 baht in a street shop and it's super delicious than the one you pay for in a western country. It's noodles mixed with dried shrimps.

  • Grilled meat/pork/fish

When you see or smell smoke somewhere in the streets, there's a huge possibility that it's because of the grill meat balls, barbeque or pork neck or belly or probably a smoked fish. 

  • Dessert (Mango with Sticky rice)

 This is probably the best combination of a fruit with rice I've ever seen and it's surprisingly very delicious.

  • Fruits 

Warm tropical climate is good for fruits and you can see loads of street selling food vendors on every corner of the street. If not fruits, you can easily find someone selling orange juice or coconut water.

Bangkok also has some famous markets for food -

  • Khlong Toei 

If you're a foodie person then there is no better place than Khlong Toei in Bangkok. While walking in the small, smelly alleys you could see Thailand from a real perspective. Try some Pork belly with sticky rice, braised pork trotter and intestine (so soft that it will melt in your mouth), don't miss the sticky rice with mango dessert , skinned frog or even live ones if you prefer, pigeon barbeque and crabs of course. 
You can find endless varieties of seafood, chillies, fruits, vegetables especially durian. The small, dirty alleys will make you feel happy and proud to have witnessed something special. 

Also, check out this video of Andrew Zimmern who goes to Bangkok and his first stop was Khlong Toei market.
  • Jatu-Jak (Pronounced as Chatu-Chak in Thai)

You can buy anything here and food is just a bonus. It's famous among tourists and locals and have thousands of visitors every day making it a great place to have Thai street food. It's not as "raw" as Khlong toei but it has it's own quality.

You can find noodles, pork belly with rice, endless buffet shops, grilled meat balls, fruit shops, ice-cream (believe me you have to try this - it's made of coconut and topped with corns), mango ice-cream and other snacks are easily available here.

  • Or Tor Kor Market 

    It's completely different from the other markets mentioned above. I'd suggest you to bring a camera to take pictures of the fresh vegetables, fruits available in the market. It has also ranked as one of the top most fresh markets in Asia.

As always now it's your turn to go to these places and try these wonderful dishes to know about the diverse Thai culture. Remember that's the best way to learn Thais and make new friends.

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Khao san road - Everything you want to know about it

Khao san is in old Bangkok (on the other side of the river) close to the Grand Palace. Usually referred as a place for backpackers (It still is) but it's also a "must-go" place for tourists, expats and food lovers (Veggies as well). 

In this post we'll talk about what has Khao san road offer tourists, expats and backpackers:

  1. Tattoo Shops
  2. Bars and discos
  3. Restaurants and food
  4. Hostels and Hotels (Briefly)

Crowded and messy are the two words that could be used to describe Khao san road. Bars on both sides with street vendors selling bugs, kebabs/falafals, pad-thai at a cheap price. (Mind you it's very delicious!) Make sure your immune system is strong enough if you're a tourist from USA, UK or Europe.

If you're a backpacker it's a great place to start your adventure in Thailand. Meet other folks and listen to their interesting travel story. If you want to meet up a girl - it's possible too. A great opportunity to meet expats, travelers and of course Thais. 

Tattoo shops are on the side of the streets and believe me they can make you almost anything at a decent cost. You don't need a fancy shop for that. They will make you sit on a small chair on the side of the street and do it right there. Interesting huh! Well that's a great experience for tourists visiting Thailand for the first time. 

Also, if you want a fake degree, license they can make all of it. They have an eye to detail in this department I would say. Many locals and expats in order to avoid the crap of making a Thai driving license (which could take many days) end up here and get it done in few hours. If you want to have a fake degree you can talk to them and they might as well quote you a good price for it. I wouldn't suggest that though.

I've kept the best thing for the last -  beer is "Super Cheap". I mean really cheap. A big tower costs somewhere between $18 - $25. That's almost nothing as compared to the price you pay in those fancy discos and pubs in downtown sukhumvit or Thong lor. 

A hookah costs somewhere around $6-$8 as well. It's flavored hookah and I'd suggest the mint flavor with awesome chilled beer diluted with ice-cubes. Khao san has endless number of hippie bars and a good place to meet people from around the world. It's a actually a good place start off your traveling expeditions in Thailand. You can get a fair bit idea of Thai lifestyle in Khaosan - the laid back Thai style, drinking beer in the streets, eating bugs, the carefree environment is something I like about khaosan. 

I don't really remember the names of the bar that I go, however, the most famous one is "The Center" and "Silk Bar" - they're right opposite each other and fancy a decent crowd mostly travelers, tourists. There are other good bars as well, street bars, or shops on the other side as well as right next street. So, I'd recommend you to have couple of beers in different bars and meet up a lot of people. That's what I usually do!

A great opportunity to meet girls, of course Thai girls, white girls (expats and backpackers). They're looking to meet new people and so are you - which creates a great chance of knowing about other cultures and their perspective of Thailand. 

On the other hand, Khao san also has many restaurants especially Indian, two israeli restaurants (shoshana and another I forgot the name). Israeli food offers few things for vegetarians as well. Shoshana is in a small street right next to starbucks, and the other restaurant is about 50 meters down the street from starbucks and not inside the street but on the main street. 

Many hostels are in Khao san road costing around $13 - $20, so you've to bunk with other backpackers - It depends though sometimes you'd be alone but sometimes you have to bunk with someone. 

Well that's it for Khao san - If you've any other questions about Khao san just ask me in the comment section below. 

Your Turn

It's your turn to let us know if you enjoyed your trip to Khao san and what did you do there?

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why Thailand is called "Land of Smiles"?

Land of Smiles

This question actually bugs me off sometimes when I think of "Why Thailand is called Land of Smiles". Why not Norway, Denmark, Qatar or Netherlands where people have a lot of money to enjoy and be happy. 

Money can't buy you happiness - It's more about what and how you feel inside. These could be the reasons

  1. Maybe because Thais are happy people.
  2. Maybe because they smile when they don't know something. (That's cute sometimes)
  3. Maybe they're stupid. 

If you ask a person in Thailand about something and they don't know the answer - "They smile" - I don't know if that smile is a reason to sneak away from the problem or it's a good way to respond to a question they don't know or it's simply stupid. If you're working as a Teacher in Thailand you'll come across lots of smiles. Students don't understand much English here and therefore smile.

If you ask a Thai about this they will say:
  1. They're Buddhist.
  2. They're generally happy all the time.
  3. They don't think too much. (Mentally not very strong I'd say)
Another possible reasons could be that Thais are generally not ambitious (If you're ambitious you tend to think a lot). Some people might find this to be a little "harsh" but there is truth in it to some extent. How many times have you met a "Thai" who says that he wants to do something great in his life. (I don't mean they are not intelligent but maybe that's how they're raised). They're raised in a very Buddhist style (Very simple).


They believe in present and that's a great thing - It could be a good reason that they're happy. They don't plan a lot - yes we can again argue that middle class families do but lower class doesn't. Arguments could always be made and you definitely can't put that to use for everyone. 

We can definitely argue for hours on this topic as it's quite a sensitive one but it's interesting to know from other people as well or from their experience with Thais. 

NOTE: This is just my opinion about Thais you could have your own opinion and I'd love to hear that from you in the comment section. 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Living in Thailand

Are you tired of paying your dues back home? Are you tired of the busy life you have been leading in your country? Then it’s the right time to move on in your life and come to Thailand.

One of the best cities to live in Thailand is Bangkok, Chiangmai or Phuket. Other cities are Huahin, Koh Chang, Udon Thani, Ubon Ratchathani. Thailand has a diverse culture with South of Thailand influenced by the Malaysians, North Thailand influenced by Chinese but Bangkok is still on top of the list of a multi-cultural city very close to it is Chiangmai which has a lot of expats living nowadays.

In the recent years many foreigners have decided to move to Bangkok because of employment opportunities, girlfriends, new lifestyle, travel and kick-boxing. There are as many reasons as the number of expats living here. If you plan to move to Thailand many questions could be haunting you as to how you could plan your budget. In this post we’ll talk about:

  1.         Minimum Salary in Bangkok
  2.         Saving Money
  3.         Food Price (Expensive, inexpensive and cheap restaurants)
  4.         Traveling in Thailand or South-east Asia.
$2000 salary is considered fairly well in Bangkok with a huge possibility of saving money. You can eat in a fancy restaurant in downtown Bangkok (Thonglor for two people) for $100. These restaurants would be one of the most expensive ones in Thailand. The medium range restaurants could be between 250 baht – 1000 baht ($8 - $30). You can find cheap restaurants everywhere in Bangkok – street shops on every corner selling pad-thai or noodles for just $1.50 (maximum). You might get ripped off in the beginning if you don’t speak Thai but it happens occasionally.  

So, what’s a good to go salary for an expat living in Thailand? A lot of people think that $1000 is quite a decent amount of money if you’re a beginner in Thailand minus the expensive restaurants that you’ll have to avoid. That’s the best part of Thailand that there’s a huge range of restaurants from the expensive $100 to $1.5 ones street shops. It's always fun and exciting to eat from the street shops, you get to know a lot more about Thai culture. 

You can’t avoid nightlife in Thailand- it’s just everywhere and a bottle of beer costs from $3 in a beer garden to a maximum of $7 in a decent disco or a go – go bar. Beers in Go-Go bars are quite inexpensive comparing to the amount of fun you have watching the shows and drinking.

If you're in small cities like Hua-hin prices are quite low there. A beer might cost less than Bangkok and food is quite cheap as compared to Bangkok. Hua-hin definitely is not the place where you can make a lot of money but it's a city on the coasts so that covers everything up. If you plan to live in a quite place close to the beach I would recommend Hua-Hin. 

But if you plan to live in a place close to the mountains then Chiangmai, Chiangrai are the places to go. Lots of job opportunity in Chiangmai as many expats are moving to one of the coolest cities of Thailand. Enjoy elephant trekking, motorbikes rides on no traffic streets. There's no area of the city where you can't see the mountains. It's also a great place for Vegans as many Thai-Chinese restaurants are available, probably more than Bangkok as well. 

It's a paradise for shopping especially girls. Girls can buy dresses at various markets at a price as cheap as $3 for a tank top. You would have to ignore the quality though but still it’s NOT BAD at all.
If you’re on a low salary then it’s better to live in a Thai neighborhood which is comparatively cheaper than expat neighborhood. The bars, shops around Thai neighborhood is quite cheap which completely makes sense because Thais make less money than foreigners. 

You can easily get a good apartment with a possibility of a good view for $200 in a Thai neighborhood but if you plan to live in an expat neighborhood you won’t get anything. Make sure you plan your budget accordingly. 

Thailand has got almost everything but it at the end it all depends on your pocket and your trip. If you're planning just to travel South-East Asia then it makes more sense living within the Thai community and learning more about their culture and their simple lifestyle. On the other hand if you've a hefty budget where you can afford to spend more than $1000 on rent then living in downtown is definitely a great place to make some contacts with rich Thais and also expat community. 

Also, a great thing about Thailand is that it's centrally located in South-east Asia. Travelling to the beautiful cities of Laos, Indonesia, and Burma is easy and doesn't cost a lot of money. You can take a bus to the border and go to Cambodia, Burma, Laos and a short flight to Indonesia is also a good option. 

If you plan to live in Thailand - the best part is having a Thai girlfriend so that she can take you around different places of Thailand without you getting ripped and at the same time you having a great time as well. 

Make sure you plan well about things like - House rent or Condo rent, Beer cost, Food Price in a restaurant or home cooked food. It's always good to plan beforehand and set a monthly budget before you get a job. Websites like is quite a useful resource for foreigners working as Teachers in Thailand and doing quite well. They also have a forum where they discuss about various topics on Thailand. 

Now it's your turn to decide and make a move out of your boring lifestyle and move to Thailand (land of smiles). If you have any questions or want to add anything apart from this you're most welcome to post it in the comment section. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Why Expats Come To Thailand To Live?

Thailand's laid back culture and their infinite number of pretty girls is a good enough reason for people to come and live in Thailand. From the last many years expats from Europe and USA come to Thailand, even though there aren't many jobs available besides the boring "Teaching" job but they still come in flocks.

Or you're tired paying your dues back home could be another reason that you want to change your lifestyle.

The reasons could be:

  • Sick and tired of your boring job and paying your dues.

  • GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!!!! Not food. Even though I know Thai food is very delicious but still not one of the reasons to especially come down to Thailand for it.
  • Employment
  • Backpacking, Traveling (You've a travel bug in your ass)
  • You're tired of your fast-paced life. 
  • Weather in UK is shit. ( No doubt about that) and UK people always complain. 
  • Earn less but still have a peace of mind here.
  • Boxing - Thai Kick Boxing (To get their ass kicked from Thais)

Employment could be a strong reason for many people to come to Thailand but along with employment Thailand also offers a very laid back lifestyle. When you combine office work with this lifestyle it's "Hooray" for people. So, I would still consider that many people come to Thailand for Employment + Girls + Laid back culture.

If you're single then you get bonuses in the units of Thai Girls. They love interacting with foreigners and in a multi-cultural city like Bangkok, Chiangmai or Phuket you have a huge possibility of meeting many Thai or Asian girls.                                       

But the questions arises - "Where to find these girls in Thailand?" You're actually right because it's not easy to find a girlfriend in Thailand even though there are many. Most of the working class Thai girls are from middle-class family and it's really hard to meet them as their top priority is to spend time with family especially during the weekends. So, it's usually on weekdays after work that they get to date/meet guys.

Other options of meeting girls could be little strange but it works - Thai girls are friendly to foreigners and if you know how to talk to them you can definitely make conversation or share emails and phone numbers. The best place would be supermarkets, department stores(central), small restaurants. Yes, it doesn't sound reasonable but it's possible. Although chances are less but you can try. While traveling in BTS, MRT or bus you have a great chance of meeting them.

You might find people scribbling with their smartphones in trains and sky trains but if you know how to play your cards right then you can do it for sure. 

The other situation - What if you don't live in Thailand?

However, you might be in a bit of a problem if you do not live in Thailand but would like to get a taste of Asian Girls. Here dating websites play a huge role in bringing a lot of people to Thailand - maybe because you're fed up of your western lifestyle or because you want a partner - whatever your reason is it's always good to have a local girl with you in a foreign land. And it makes sense to have someone who knows about the country to help and support you in Thailand otherwise life becomes a little tough.

Best websites could be:
  1. Thaifriendly website 
  2. Tagged
  3. Skout APP/ FLURV APP

On the other hand there are many people who just want to come here so that they can lead a simple and a peaceful happy life in Thailand and I think they make the right decision by coming here because they can easily live with $1000 - $2000 in Thailand and in USA you can't survive with $2000 and quite similar in UK or other European countries.

That's the best thing about Thailand that some people come here for girls, some for backpacking and some for peace and rest and all want to have a happy life and that's what they get in Thailand. That's the most important thing!!!

So why do you want to come Thailand? Let us know in the comment section as to why you would like to live in Thailand. 

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Thai Girls Can Get Wild

"Are you tired living in your country? Are you bored of girls in your country?" Look no further as Thailand is the best country to find girlfriends. It's diverse culture is so rich that the girls are very eager and willing to be with people of different race.

It doesn't mean that it's easy to find a Thai Girlfriend as majority of Thai Girls who work are quite tough to date. Most of their time is spent at work and they don't have enough time to date.

That is one of the main reasons that Dating websites flourish in Thailand because Thai Girls don't have enough time to meet but they've a lot of time to chat online on Dating websites. Some girls online are horny, some are wild and some are very good looking for relationship.

Every now and then you can meet girls online in websites like Thaifriendly or Thailovelinks. I won't say other websites would have horny, wild Thai Girls but these two could have some. Thaifriendly has many girls online at the same time and they're also willing to chat and from my experience I believe that the harder they are to talk to the better they are in bed.

Although for Thailovelinks you would have to pay money but Thaifriendly has a free feature and the girls are much more willing to talk then any other website. I also love the fact when Thai Girls sex chat, even though it's a Buddhist country but sex chat is quite common in Thailand. But you should be good in being friends with them first.

So, I would recommend going for a free package with Thaifriendly first where you could learn how things work in Thailand and after that you can upgrade to a package of $25 or more to meet Thai Girls.

It's always good to start a conversation with Thai Girls in continuation as they get bored very quickly it's very important to reply them back as quickly as possible and entertain them with humor every now and then. Also, it's important not to think that all Thai Girls are whores and are easy to get, so please make sure you treat them with respect and they will fall for you if you deal with them with little patience.

Now it's your turn!! Happy Hunting

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Why Thai Girls Love Foreigners?

Thai Girls love western guys just like any other Asian girls. Korean girls are crazy about Americans, Japanese about white guys or Africans and Thai girls are crazy about almost everyone who is a "not Thai".

Good news for all the guys who weren't born in Thailand. There was a time in Thailand about 12-15 years back when a girl was not considered good if she has a white boyfriend but nowadays it's a trend and they've a strong reason for it. Even some rich Thai-Chinese girls have Non-Thai boyfriends.


Thai Girls love foreigners because of the following reasons :

  • Thai guys can't be trusted - Womanizers

Majority of the population are girls and with so many pretty girls available in the country they tend to have a lot of extra-marital relationships or Mistress. It's quite common to see a guy going to massage parlors even though they've girlfriends. So definitely someone that can't be trusted.

Thai series or movies are all based on these kind of stories. A guy is married or has a lot of girlfriends and cheating on her girlfriend.

  • Not Good Looking

Thai Girls don't take Thai Guys as good looking. Unfortunately, they believe that gay guys in Thailand are handsome. That's funny but it's true !!!! Here's a good opening for all foreigners. They would prefer to have a guy who is tall with white skin but not many Thai Guys have these things.

  • Not Good in Bed

You understand what I mean by that!!!They don't have the skills. I should not know this answer but I always like to get in depth by asking the girls about their experience and why did they break up. Maybe Thai Guys should think a little bit about girls as well. They should not be selfish. I feel for Thai Girls  - How frustrated they could get.

  • Secured Life with Foreigners

Thai Girls love to travel and having a foreigner boyfriend gives them a better chance to visit other countries. It's disgusting but I have seen that a university girl who was 21 had a boyfriend from Austria who was 45 and they used to have a orgy sometimes. She didn't mind it because she gets to travel with that guy. 

That university girl told me that she is in love with that guy, I am not sure about that but for me it was all about travel and other things. Not sure about it actually!!

Foreigners have a better lifestyle than Thai guys and earn better than them so they choose foreigners instead of Thai guys.

If you think there could be any more reasons put that in the comment section.

Now it's your turn 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Asiandating | Date Thai women

Asian dating is getting more and more popular!!! Do you know the reason why?? I will tell you. Not simply because they're pretty, it's also because Asian women are more feminine. They're much more prettier and behave more like girls should. Thank god I am fortunate enough to live in Thailand and most of my girlfriends were Thai and a Japanese.

You go to Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Seoul or Tokyo you will not find as many tourists or expats living than in Bangkok, Thailand. In the recent few years Thailand has seen a huge growth in tourism and also expat communities from all over the world. Simply because of "Thai Girls". Some Thai families think foreigners come to Thailand to try "Thai Food". That's so hilarious.

People come to Thailand so that they can meet a nice and beautiful girl who is sexy because there are definitely limited resources back in western countries. In Thailand the cost of living is so cheap. You don't have any mortgage to pay and you can easily live  with $1500 - $2000. Apart from that you also have decent facilities available here. If you can cook at home you can save a lot of money and travel to other places as well or enjoy the nightlife in Bangkok.

The biggest and the most interesting question is where to meet these beautiful, sizzling Asian girls.
  1. Dating websites
  2. Go and live in Asia or travel for a while in Asia
Dating websites have long flourished in Thailand and there are so many girls online in these websites here. There could be around 10-20 famous dating websites in Thailand where you can meet girls online and later on share your Skype and try to build a strong relationship with them online. However, all this should happen before you come to Thailand. Now that's a little tough but still possible. Many of my friends did that and end up marrying that lady later on.

The second option is to come and live in countries that have low cost of living - Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia or Tokyo if you can get a job and the best city to live is Thailand because the girls are available in huge numbers and it's quite easy to meet new girls here. The other thing is that Thais are polite and respect foreigners which will give you more pleasure to live in this country of temples.

Now it's your turn to come to Asia to find a good girl for you. Who knows maybe you will find a perfect girl online?

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Thailand Girls - Are they really special?

Thailand has one of the prettiest girls in the world and that's what is the best thing about this country is. People not only come to Thailand for nightlife but to meet or have a Thai girlfriend who can look after them later on in their lives.

Truth be told it's not easy to find a good girl in western countries. I have never met a great girl ever in western countries but Thailand is totally different with girls really respecting their husbands or boyfriends. But how do you find a good Thai girl even before coming to Thailand and settling here.

I think a lot of people come to Thailand and literally drool while looking at the pretty ladies over here and the consequences are they get so much into Thai ladies and up being a complete waste. Wait, I have a better idea for you I guess. How about you meet a girl online before coming/settling to Thailand and when you are here, you would have a girlfriend or an online girlfriend. Sounds creepy but it can definitely work.

Thailand has many dating websites where you can meet a girl easily but you have to be patient for her. You can easily be in a relation with someone online within few months or even quicker than that. it's all about how you tackle the situation and how good you're with Thai girls. So, I guess the best thing is to get yourself registered with one of the best dating sites in Thailand where you can have many choices. I would personally recommend two of them which I think are famous among girls as well - Thaifriendy and Thailovelinks. Although there are many APPS that are becoming famous ones which you can download in your Android, IOS or Windows phone - OKcupid, Skout, Badoo (also has a website).

There are many girls in these websites or APPS and you will be amazed to see the number of girls in there. My favorite one is Thaifriendly and they have a lot of girls online or Thailovelinks through which my mate also found his girlfriend and has been with her for 3 years now.

Thailand girls are well-mannered and love to have a western boyfriend because they have two reasons - Thai guys are womanizers and therefore can't be trusted, Thai guys are not good looking, white men are well-off and it secures their life and also of their families.

Let me also tell you that a lot of Farangs(foreigners) go to Isaan (North-east Thailand) which is the poorest part of Thailand and live with the girl's family or build their own house and the cost of living is way cheaper. A thai family can live with $300-$400 per month.

So, if you plan to get a girlfriend who has the responsibility to look after her family then make sure you pay that lady's family that much money to keep your lady happy.

Another circumstance could be you find a girlfriend who works, so in that case there is less possibility of you paying the money to the girl's family.

Now, it's your turn to find the best girl for yourself. Happy Hunting. 

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