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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Top Restaurants for Expats/Tourists in Bangkok

Nightlife in Bangkok is awesome! There are so many good restaurants in Bangkok that it's hard to shortlist just a few out of them. Somehow, I've managed to find great restaurants in Bangkok (I'm not going to go for the good ones but only Great!)

Top of my list is

In the Mood For Love Sushi Bar Ekkamai soi 1 (Veggie Sushi's available as well)

Right opposite soi 10 Ekkamai. This restaurants probably makes the best sushi in Bangkok. The drinks are a little expensive. A bottle of wine costs around 1800 baht and food for two would proabaly cost around 2000 baht as well. It also has some really good music and the crowd is all High-So Thais.


You can make it out from the cars parked outside the restaurant. While writing it I'm really getting hungry by the thought of having "Vegetarian Sushi". By the way, they can make nice veggie Sushi as well

Indian restaurant in Nana soi 3/1 (Al-Hussain)

Veggie food also available

Forget the fancy restaurants in Thong lor (Masala Art is not a great restaurant)

I have been in Bangkok for 6 years and whenever, I plan to eat food outside - There's a huge chance that I'll end up there. They've a huge menu and these guys make some really good beef korma (way better than Birmingham as well).

They also have the finest cottage cheese I've ever tried in my life. It's soft and the Nan Bread or the Tandoori Roti (God!!! I am hungry now) just melts in your mouth.

I've never tried seafood here so I can't tell much about it but my friends have told me some really nice things about it.


Shoshana - Israeli restaurant in Khaosan road 


(I am having a hard time to resist myself while writing this post because I am really starving at the moment)

Veggie food also available

Few days back I went to Kebabry in Thong Lor soi 10 at The Opus and I think it's not very good as compared to Shoshana. These guys make top falafels & hummus and the garlic sauce is just awesome. (Oh my God!)

Pita dip is fresh and delicious. They have some real nice drinks, I prefer the mint one but they've other soft drinks too.

Zuma restaurant at St. Regis (Japanese)

One of the fanciest restaurants in Bangkok with a wide variety of dishes. You can enjoy your sushi at the sushi counter or at the terrace. 

They’ve skillfully chosen the names of some of the dishes. Although you will get a description of the dish from the waiter but it’s best to try them and know about it by yourself. They’ve some exclusive dishes in beef, pork and seafood and a big menu for desserts as well. “Japanese love desserts”.


Note: The best way to try a lot of dishes in this restaurant is to go with your friends or family and order a lot of it, so that you get a chance to have a bit of everything.
No matter what you order – beef, pork or seafood – it just melts in your mouth.

Seven Spoon – A hidden gem

The restaurant is located a little far from the city but it’s worth a hassle. They’ve mediterranean dishes, awesome mocktails and great staff who can recommend delicious dishes for you. Reasonably priced as compared to other restaurants in the city probably because of its location. (So don’t miss that opportunity).

 Seafood Paradise - Somboon Restaurant (Suriwong Road)


 If you're craving for seafood then there's no better place than Somboon restaurant in Suriwong. Somboon restaurants is a franchise and is found in 5 places in Bangkok. Try going to a place which is less touristy (be a local)

They're famous for their crab curry, you could see people lining up before the restaurant opens. Try the fish Maw soup - It's just amazing.  

The restaurant is quite expensive for Bangkok standard though but it's good to try some seafood here. 


Som Tum Der (Saladaeng Road, Silom)

Authentic Isaan (north-east Thailand) food served in this "not so fancy" place as compared to others in this area. However, who gives a s**t if the food is awesome. The owners and the chef takes their work very seriously and makes sure that the food has a real connection to North-east. 



You got to order Som Tum (Papaya salad) if you go here along with sticky rice. Also, try the spicy chicken wings soup. If you don't know what to order go with their recommendations as it worked for me the first time I went there.

Note - Let them know if you can't eat spicy food.

Your Turn

As always it's your tun now. No matter where you go in Bangkok you find new restaurants, cafes - you can't compare the progress of Bangkok in terms of new eating places opening here. I'm sure you would have come across some really nice place and I'd love to hear that from you in the comment section.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How YOU can change your life being an Expat?

Would you like to make your life a little interesting?

Are you relishing the fact that you’ve to pay your dues? You know what I am talking about – the traditional wisdom of working well in a company will certainly pay you off some day. 

People who work in a 9-5 job lead a very consistent life – It’s like their life is completely scripted and there’s nothing that could be changed. That’s a very limited life - There’s nothing you can do, nothing to explore in life. If you live in this system you become less assertive and more dependent. 

Work and life should not or does not have to be lived like a slave. In the corporate world decisions are made by top officials and they don’t care (actually give a shit) about you guys (the managers, the people who run the company) and influence is greater in perception than reality. 

On the other hand, some people also prefer to work in this environment and they’re the ones who live a very limited life. They save some money for their retirement and don’t take many risks in their life. 

“If you’ve to change the game you’ve to take risks”

I came to Thailand when I was 19 and I never regret the decision because I always wanted to see the world from the eyes of an Expat (I also want to make a lot of money – but that’s not the point right now) and I’ve learnt a lot more about Thai culture, my people and others. You have got to make decisions that are tough (in the beginning), but it really pays off later. Just like bangkokgirlblog.com (Anna) made a huge decision by moving to Thailand at a critical point of her life and in the beginning it might have seemed like a bad decision but not anymore. 

As soon as you push something from one side, something pops out from the other. That’s how life is and will be. 

Your Turn 

Over to you as usual, what do you think about your life? Are you really bored of it?

Monday, August 25, 2014

7 unique things to do in Bangkok. Have you done all?

Listed down are the 7 best and unique things that should be done by every expat or a traveler in Bangkok.

Sleep With a Ladyboy

You should try everything in life and this is definitely something that you should try while your stay in Bangkok. How to identify a ladyboy is not an easy thing especially when you're in a country like Thailand where many men & women look quite similar. 

I have written a post - How to identify a ladyboy and this might be f some help to you. 

Where do you find them? - If you're a tourist then there is no better place than Nana plaza.

Hook up with a Thai Lady online before you get here (Only for guys)

Be friends with a Thai lady online on dating websites before you get here. You can make a friend in this country before you come and it will definitely be of great help for you. She could take you to all the cool places in Bangkok. 

If you're looking for some Thai girlfriend this could be your best way to meet girls. It's not that easy to meet someone in supermarkets or for a tourist but dating websites could be helpful in knowing about the culture, people or music or food before you come here. 

I know you can find all these things online but the best way to learn is directly from Thais.

Take a Tuk Tuk Ride 

I'm sure you would have heard about this gem of Bangkok. They are named after the sound of their powerful engine - Tuk Tuk (Quite interesting). The history of Tuk Tuk could be taken back to the time when many countries had rickshaws. It's a sign of novelty for foreigners in Thailand & you should definitely take this opportunity to see Bangkok in a Tuk -Tuk.


Visit a Thai Market (Ta-laad)

Thai's call it Ta-laad. Thailand has many famous ones:

  • Train Market

Rooftop Bars

Bangkok looks beautiful at night & the best way to see the city is by going to the many rooftop bars in the city. I'll list some of them here -

  • Lebua at State Tower (Sirocco bar)

  • Banyan Tree Hotel (Vertigo Grill & Moon Bar)

Bangkok Clubs

Clubbing is awesome in Bangkok and each and every place is completely different from others.

If you want to have Hookers - then go to - Sukhumvit area. 

If you plan to see some crazy things then go to Pat Pong (Silom road), Khaosan Road or Soi Cow Boy.

If you want to enjoy with the locals go for Ratchada Road.

And, last if you want to go to one of the best clubs in Bangkok (which I recommend) then go to Thong Lor and Ekkamai road. 

Dinner Cruise at Chaophraya River

It's a great way to see Bangkok but if you do not have a good budget then you can also take the normal boat and travel up and down the river or the temples nearby. 

There are a lot of different kinds of cruises and shows available. From loud music to the sophisticated cruises with Thai music to traditional music, there's so much to learn from this diverse culture. 

Many cruises are available at different prices starting from 1000 baht to almost anything. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Girls You Can Sleep With in Thailand

If you are in Thailand or plan to come here be prepared for these sort of girls.

  • Curious Girls

Curios ones are top of the list because they're very easy to get. They're curious about Westerners/foreigners. They've had fantasies of being with a white guy. The biggest delight of their life is to be with a white guy because they're fascinated by the western culture.

  • Slutty Ones

You can easily make out the slutty ones from their accent. I don't know why but their accent is a little sluttier. They're clever, smart and have slept with many foreigners that's why they can speak English very well. Usually, they think that they're very pretty and sexy because they've brown skin (which is sexy no doubt about it) or because they've had a foreigner boyfriend before. Their confidence level is much higher than an average girl and they're very skillful and desperate to find a new boyfriend who can take care of them. 

Very skillful in bed and know how to make guys happy  - Beer & Naked.

  • University Girls 

I am sure you've met these girls through Dating websites/MRT or BTS. Dating sites in Thailand are full of awesome uni girls. Some are looking for one night stands and some for a long term relationship. You can simply jump into bed after couple of dates. They love to drink, party at any place as long as they have a partner. They don't care about age or money. All they care about is a person who could be with them.

It depends hugely on what universities they go - The most kinkiest ones are from Bangkok University (The hottest ones too), University of Thailand chamber of commerce, Rangsit university & all the small technical colleges etc.

  • Bar Girls 

Get ready to be ripped by them. It's pure business for them. They sleep with you simply because they want money. It's all about money for them. It's good to try them once - No wonder most of them are tough probably because of their experience or their survival extinct. Their body and legs are the most attractive part. They will do anything for you - "anything I mean literally everything".

  • Massage Parlors Girls

Very skillful in what they do and love going out with white skin guys because they hardly get any. They're bored of Thai guys and their small d**ks so be prepared for some real fun when you go see them.

Note: Don't be selfish when you go see them.

  • Wanna Learn English (Wanna-Be's) 

Finish a lot more quickly than others. They are border-line sexy with their stupid English and shyness. They talk a lot because they want to practice their English skills. They finish very quickly probably because they haven't been with a many foreigners before.

  • High-So Girls (High Society Girls)

The biggest question is to meet these girls? Actually, they're in minority in Bangkok. Usually, they date Thai-Chinese guys. But the best thing about these girls is that they're friendly and open-minded. Not very easy to meet them though. But a great place to meet them would be at some discos around Thong-lor like Demo, Esco-Bar, Bombay Blues, Funky Villa or at RCA sometimes etc.

Another thing is that being high-so means that these girls aren't stupid so you have to be patient with them and can't act like an impatient dog who just wants to jump on the bed. Be patient and wait for the right time.

    • Naive Girls

    Questions never stop pouring out of their mouth. They love sharing and talking to connect emotionally with you. A huge chance is that these girls are in an open-relationship with other guys. These girls are honest and talk a lot more than other types. They are shy and are OK in bed. You might have a hard time because they're a pain in an ass because they ask a lot of questions.

    There favorite question is - "Do you talk to many girls?"

    • Desperate Divorcees

    They're my favorites because they've no more expectations from the guys they sleep with. They're OK with one night stand or being in a open relationship or anything you wish. They don't want your money because they've enough money for themselves and their family. 

    I'll give them 8 out of 10 in bed. They're skillful in bed because of their experience dating guys and being ditched by many. They definitely know how to charm a guy with sexy acts. 

    • Mom's

    Moms are the only single inspiration for English Teachers in Thailand. They go to temple the next morning they had sex with a stranger. They need attention from someone who could do better than their husband. 

    I believe in the Charlie Sheen style of living. There are only two things that a girl should do:

    1. Sleep with you &
    2. Leave before you wake up.