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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thai Girlfriends | How to meet them?

How it is to have a Thai girlfriend and how can we meet them?

Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. But there is a way to it. A general idea of most of the foreigners is that all Thai girls are hookers. Actually, this is not the case. It is advised not to talk to Thai girls online or one on one conversation as if they're hookers. 

Anyway, lets get back to the point of how it is to have a Thai girlfriend and where can you find one? 

The best way to meet Thai girls is online, Thai girls prefer using dating sites and websites like Thaifriendly is heaven. There are so many girls to choose from in this website. It is highly recommended to respect the girls here and your first message should generally be short and simple and asking them to be friends. 

Thai girls love if guys send them friendship message rather than anything else. This is from my experience of living and using this website for almost 3 years now. It is also recommended to buy a monthly package of $25 in this website in order to enjoy the best resources of the website. 

There is a free membership and you will have limited resources if you use it as a free member. You can send one message in every 10 minutes, making things very slow and making it hard to hook up with someone. On the other hand, girls have unlimited resources and they can send as many messages as they can as a free member as well. 

So, that's why I recommend having at least a $25 package for a month and this way you can have so many girls or maybe stick to just one girl if you want. Thaifriendly is definitely a great place to meet girls in Thailand. They have girls from every corner of Thailand and it is definitely worth trying.

If you plan to come to Thailand for your next trip and are looking to meet girls, again this website is a great place to hook up with Thai girls and when you will be here you can go out for dates with them. 

How to Date a Thai girl - You can learn more about it from my previous post. I think it is important to be patient and not try to sleep with the girl on the first date. I know it's hard to resist but this should be the plan to get you the maximum points. If you do not sleep with the girl on the first date then chances are she is going to sleep with you on the second date. 

If the girl you met online is willing to meet you in a bar, pub or a club then it's highly likely that she wants to hang out with new guys as well. You've hit a bingo in that case. But, if the she wants to meet you for a movie and dinner then she probably will take a little time to think. 

Also, a lot of times I have met Thai girls and they tell me of guys that had previously dated asked them out on the first date. C'mon guys don't do that, there is no need to tell the girls that you love them. Liking is enough for them to believe. No one is that stupid to believe that shit. Just tell the girl that you are attracted to her and all that shit that she is very pretty and you would like to understand Thai culture and the language more. So, ask her to teach you. That way she will assume that you plan to live in Thailand long -term. Although they love going to western countries with their boyfriends or husbands but I still think that it's not a good idea to take them as it's super expensive. 

I hope by the end of this you would get an idea about Thai Girls and Thailand. 

Good luck guys!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bar Girl Rate in Thailand

The rate of bar girl depends a lot on how she looks and where she works. If a bar girl is pretty but she works in Thai Neighborhood Bars then she would go for an approximate range of :

 Rates in Thai Neighborhood Bars
  • 1000 baht (1 shot/short time) excluding bar fine which could be from 300 baht to 500 baht 
  • 2000 baht (2 shots/ long time) excluding bar fine which could be from 300 baht to 500 baht 
But if you are somewhere in an area like sukhumvit which is a complete farang area (foreigners area), then the prices might cost a little bit more. It also depends on how pretty she is. If half of the guys in the bar wants to take her then she will probably go with the highest bidder. And bar girls are quite good in knowing who can give them the best price. 

Rates in Sukhumvit Area or for Foreigners
  • 1500baht - 2000baht/ $50-$70  (1 shot/short time) excluding bar fine which could be from 300 baht to 500 baht.
  • 2500-3000baht/$85 - $100 or more  (2 shots/long time) excluding bar fine which could be from 300 baht to 500 baht 

If you're a first timer then make sure you don't let the bar girls know that. When you get in a bar make sure you order a beer and don't just drool there with wide open eyes. Try to be friendly with the bar girl you like and give her a smile. Offer her a drink or two and then you'll come to know whether she is interested to go with you or not. 

Bar girls are quite rough and tough girls usually from north-east part of Thailand (Isaan area). They have a unique way of ripping off foreigners so always be careful. As the bar girls have been through a lot of tough times in their past lives and have no other choice to be in this business they just try to milk you off. 

For them it's pure business. For every beer you buy them they get commission on top of their salary which is less than $300 as well. 

Well the golden rule of not getting ripped is never to let the bar girls know that you're a rookie. They love rookies as you're not used to attention from so many girls they will get wild with you and you 'll end up spending unnecessary money without any enjoyment. 

Bangkok has places specifically for foreigners which is usually the Sukhumvit area. If you don't fancy going out with a bar girl then you have plenty of other options like street bars. Sukhumvit street has ample number of street bars and over there it's quite easy to pick up girls as well. 
Rates in Sukhumvit Area or for Foreigners (Street Bars) - Small shops 

  • 1500baht / $50 (1 shot/short time) excluding bar fine which could be from 300 baht to 500 baht.
  • 2000baht / $85 (2 shots/short time) excluding bar fine which could be from 300 baht to 500 baht.
These girls are quite willing to go as well because they don;t have many customers. They might as well charge a little more depending again on how good looking they're and how many customers they have in their bar. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Thai Bar Girls and Freelancers in Soi 11 Bangkok

Soi 11 or street 11 in sukhumvit (downtown Bangkok) is one of the most happening places in Thailand. It's not even close to what it was 30 years back when they have Thai Girls giving a blow job in the middle of the street but it's still crowded with Bar girls and a lot of different types of bars or discos.

Soi 11 is a multi-cultural street with people from different countries and different age group as well. There are some inexpensive bars and quite expensive discos as well here. Pretty Thai Hookers stand all over through this soi calling out guys for a short-time or long-time (whole night).

The most known place in this soi is climax which has a lot of freelancers working. They charge somewhere around 1500 baht - 2500 baht ($50 - $80). These girls are super hot with great legs which they all have.

Other than that this soi/street has young and middle-aged freelancers costing as low as 700 baht for a short time to 2000 baht as well. It depends on how good looking they are. There are lots of street bars in the soi which are personally owned by the bar girls who work there. If you like that girl you can take her back with you to your room or hotel but you would have to pay some Extra Money to the Mama San s compensation for taking the lady. That could range from 300 baht - 500 baht ($10- $25). These girls go with customers on a daily basis and know how to look after them. 

Now, lets go to some other bars like level which is in Hotel Aloft and Q-Bar. These are some expensive bars with a bottle of whisky ranging from $100 or more but the girls are attractive so it's worth it. Please keep in mind that all Thai Girls are not hookers so learn to respect them as well and it's always good to go and talk to them first rather them asking them straight away "How much". 

Thai Girls like men who are polite and funny and so does any other girl so it's better to treat them nicely. The best part about this bar is that some girls just go their to meet new guys and that's where you can nail them down. Some of the girls just want to have fun with foreigners and there is a huge possibility of them going with you for free. They just want to relax and enjoy with a foreigners. So, make sure to play your cards properly. 

Right opposite Q-bar is Levels which is famous among young expats of Bangkok. There is no entry fee and the beer costs somewhere around 250 baht or more ($8 or more). This place is a good fit to meet girls from middle-class families who go their only for fun. They're not bar girls and they would love to hook up with foreigners. The best bit is that these girls are good at English communication which makes it more easier to make conversation with them. It's a very multi-cultural disco so you will have a lot of choices. Like I previously said as well that keep in mind your approach towards every girl as all Thai Girls are not prostitutes and make sure to talk politely with them throughout. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to Date a Thai Girl?

Dating in Thailand is simple but it's not easy. There are many girls in Thailand but it get quite hard to find the right girl or girls for yourself.

Mostly girls can be found online on dating websites like Thaifriendly, Thailovellinks, Tagged, skout APP. There are endless number of dating Apps or websites in Thailand. I think the best one is Thaifriendly as it has a lot of users who are willing to hang out.

Tip 1
Always take them away from your mind that all Thai Girls are hookers. No they aren't. They might be a little revealing at times but you should not show them that you are horny or you want them desperately. I would say 90% of time, this won't work. Office going girls are quite busy as they work from Monday - Friday and see their parents on the weekend so time is scarce for them. You gotta be patient.

If you can show them that you're patient then they are all yours.

Tip 2
Never show the girls that you love them the first time you date them. Be slow, respect the girls. You can say something like  "I like you and we should be friends first". Being friends first makes them think that you want to go slow in a relationship putting you on a driver's seat.

And then ask them to come over to your place for a cup of coffee. If you have played your cards right they will come but if they don't it's OK, just wait for the next time. Next time, when you meet them then say again about your liking or attraction towards them.

Most of the girls in Thailand will fall for it unless they are from High-so (high society) girls.

Tip 3
Invite the lady to a good place. Don't just ask the lady to meet you in a bar in downtown area which is full of Bar girls, instead ask her to go for a movie with you and maybe dinner. Thai Girls are not used to this kind of treatment and all this would increase your points. However, some girls are OK to go to bars and disco and that means jackpot for you as these are the girls who want to sleep with you after getting completely drunk. It also shows that she is not interested in a committed relationship.

Tip 4
Don't try to dominate them. Thai Girls don't like dominating men. They're tired and bored of Thai men because they are all dominating men, so make sure that you respect their decision and go according to what they say.

Tip 5
Make sure that when you chat with the girls online, don't send them horny pics of yours. Respect the girls and be patient. Ask them about her work, family and friends. Never tell a Thai Girl that she is not good at English. It's an honor for them so always tell them that they're quite good at English and you can understand her.

Tip 6
Never try to offer anything in the form of cash to the girls. It's a disrespect for Thai Girls unless they're Bar Girls. You have to make them think that you respect them first and take them out to a coffee shop, restaurants or shopping. You don't have to spend a lot of money on Thai Girls. Just tell them if you're well off or not and what all things you can afford and they're very good at understanding all this.

Good Luck with your new task. I hope with this is mind you can definitely find a Thai Girlfriend.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Horny Thai Girl Online Dating Sites

So I am frequent user of Thaifriendly which is probably the best dating website in Thailand if you are looking to meet office going girls in Thailand or Bar girls or upcountry girls. It's not a very beautiful site but they definitely have a lot of users which is the most important thing for any website.

Thaifriendly usually have girls who approach boys and end meeting in couple of days or more. It's recommended to get a $25 package monthly in Thaifriendly where you can send unlimited messages and chat on the website. They also have free membership but the resources are quite limited in there and it gets harder to hook up with girls.

Girls approaching guys is quite a normal thing in Thailand as the girls population is much more than guys, they only crave for meeting good guys or just for sex or party. Whatever they want it will surely help you in whatever you want to achieve.

If you are looking for girlfriend in Thailand then this website is great as the majority of girls here want to have a farang (foreigner) boyfriend as Thai guys are shit. It doesn't mean that all girls are here for a boyfriend, I have met many girls who are here for just friendship or to learn English. Crazy huh!!!! This is the truth. They want to make foriegner friends so that they get better in English communication skills. But in a way if you are smart and patient enough you can definitely be friends with that girl and then her boyfriend.

These kind of girls are good and are looking for long term relationships. You will better off if you're looking for some one who can take care of you and is educated as well.

On the other hand you will come across girls who only wants to have sex after talking for one or two days. Well, that's more like non-committed relationship and that's what I always go for especially when I am living in a country like Thailand where there are so many hotties. These are the girls who are extremely desperate and are ready to do almost anything possible. My number rule for these girls is to meet them only once. There is nothing such as meeting twice. So, do whatever you can the first time you meet.

And it's amazing that these girls are university students and some of them I have met are from good families. But life for girls in Thailand is just like this. They like going out with different men these days and it's good for foreigners because we stand better than Thai guys.

Girls from Bangkok are quite open-minded in these matter and therefore will be alright to hang out with guys after talking online for couple of days if they are free. Usually girls from Bangkok are office going girls and sometimes they don;t have time but you gotta arrange something with them. Office going girls in Bangkok are super hot with some really nice legs and they are horny as well. They have the most amazing bodies and the best part is that they want to have sex and fun even if they have a boyfriend. So, it's more or less like a non-committed relationship.

Some university girls are from upcountry come to Bangkok and being away from family gives them liberty to do anything in Bangkok. They hit bars and sleep with guys from different parts of the world. They're young university girls who are OK to sleep with a guy who is already married unless the guy wants to take her out to parties and all that shit.

They're the easiest girls to convince. I don't know why but I know they're easily available as well. Good Luck Hunting Girls 

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How To Find a Thai Girl

Thai Girls are one of the hottest girls in the world considering their body figure. They are polite and quite easy to convince to get in a relationship or back to your room whatever you prefer.

There are two types of Thai girls :  

Office Going Thai Girls 

They are very hardworking and it's not easy to find them . If they're single they're usually looking for partners online. If not partners, then one night stand as well. But, the problem is meeting time. They don't have enough time as they work quite hard and time is always an issue for them. And it's because of this reason that many Dating Websites have flourished in Thailand because the girls usually meet guys online and and then date later which could sometime take up to 1 - 2 weeks. 

If you're lucky and a little creative there is also a huge chance that a girl might meet you in a couple of days after meeting or even lesser than this. There are many websites available but the best one is Thaifriendly which has a free subscription and also $25 subscription per month which is way better than the others as girls are more likely to communicate back. The girls are generally office going girls looking for a partner, most probably a foreigner. 

Office going girls are definitely very pretty and take good care of their partner. If they are from a Thai-Chinese family then they are only allowed to have Thai-Chinese boyfriends and usually they have long-term relationships.

Bar Girls 

Usually Bar Girls are from upcountry and that's why they are more tough. They know the value of hard work and would always consider their family's wellness as their top priority. It's not easy to be in a relationship with a Bar Girl because of their behavior sometimes. But, many of the people that I know are married happily with bar girls and their secret to success of their relationship is that they always pay 5000 baht - 1000 baht ($170 - $320) to the girl's family. This makes the girl happy who will make you happy.

But the most important thing is that a lot of people forget about balancing their budget. It's very important to make sure that everything is well balanced so that they don't rip you off. Many times a foreigners makes a big house in upcountry Thailand, buys a car so that he can live happily with his new family but Bar girls take everything away all of it and the worst part is that there is no proper law for this in their country. 

One last thing about Thai Girls is that they are all pretty. Majority of Thai girls are average looking and very few are very beautiful. Good luck hunting a girlfriend for yourself. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Wanna Meet Thai girls Online?

Thailand surely has a lot of Dating sites. There are so many of them and all of them have subscribers or members. However, today I am going to take you through some very cool, great to find Bangkok girls dating sites.


The first on the list is Thaifriendly. Its the most widely used with not many ladyboys only if you can block ladyboys. It's a great way to meet new Thai girls who are quite friendly. The website is not very fancy but it has a lot of people registered which is the most important thing and the girls are quite willing to meet up for a drink or maybe more or even a relationship. And, the best bit about this website is that it's quite inexpensive. Anyone can sign up for free but its definitely recommended to buy a $25 membership for a month and try your luck with Thai girls. It really works!!!!! If you plan not to buy this plan then you would have to stick to the limited resources of sending one message to a girl after every 10 minutes which will make you loose concentration and slows down the process. 


This website is quite organized and well structured and uses a decent algorithm however, it still doesn't give good results as Thaifriendly does. In order to use it's service you have to make a 800 baht ($27) approximately for a plan to use their service.


Skout is getting more popular as an APP. It has Android and IOS APP. Very easy and simple to use APPS but sometimes you might find it slow with minor issues but it also has a lot of girls who are willing to talk and go out wit foreigners. They also have plans where you can find out more information about the person you want to chat with however, when I bought it I could never access for some reasons. Thankfully, I just paid $4 for that feature. All in all it's still a decent APP which will improve as the time passes. 


Badoo has lost it's popularity a little bit now but in Thailand by losing popularity I still mean that there are lots of people in there using it everyday. They have an APP and a website. However, their APP is way better but its quite expensive and it costs around $9.99 for a plan for a month where in you could send messages to unlimited people.

So, according to me I think these are some websites widely used in Thailand and if you are looking to meet that girls or planning to move to Bangkok soon, start using websites like Thaifriendly where you could meet ample girls and maybe find the right girl for you and if you want to stick to something more like non-commited relationships, then I guess Thaifriendly can again help you with that

What're you waiting for guys? Just go and register yourself in these websites and use their services to find the right and the most beautiful girl for yourself. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Why Thai Bar Girls Are The Best?

Thai bar girls are way better than Bar girls in countries like Philippines, North America, even though they can communicate well in English or Indonesians, Vietnamese or Indian Bar girls.

Well it could possibly be because of their culture which is "Sabai-Sabai" (Meaning - Laid back culture).  I will give you reasons to support my idea and it would be great if you could also give some of your special expertise if you have some knowledge about Bar girls in any other country.

  • Best Legs in the World
This one has to be genetic because they don't exercise at all but still they have the best legs in the world. It's a country of legs. Perfect leg shape could only be of a Thai Bar Girl as they are from North-East of Thailand where a lot of raw food is eaten, hence the perfect legs. Let me show you a pic of a typical Thai girl so that you can get an idea.

  • "You handsome man you buy me beer".
It's true that this country is a land of smiles. The way Thai Bar girls will approach you and ask you for a beer is extraordinary. Some have attitude but most of them are quite pleasant, happy and well-mannered when they ask for anything.

  • Easy to take back home
It's not that hard to take them back with you to your place or hotel where you guys can have fun. It's always recommended to ask them how much you want them to stay with you. Some bar girls can stay short time but some can stay the whole night which is around 7-8 hours and the next day they will come to work again. Also, never never say a Thai Bar girl that her English sucks. Always make her happy by saying that it's quite good and funny.

  • Thai Bar Girls are cute, quick-witted, lovable and polite. 
They have a great way of communicating with people that walk into the bars. They won't just ask you for beers after talking to you for a while but they will put you in a situation that you will have to buy a beer for them because you're happy with their service of taking care of you in their bar very well. 

It all just gets down to Thai culture which is very welcoming as long as you are getting money which is sometimes not very good for businesses but for this business it definitely works. 

  • Thai Bar Girls are alert, confident and affectionate.
Bar girls in Thailand have the sense of urgency unlike other Thai girls. They work hard, save money to support their family living in upcountry Thailand. Here's a quick word from my friend who married a Thai girl - "Always give some money every month to bar girls family so that she is happy with you." I think that works for every girl. Usually if you pay them around $300-$400 (9000baht - 12000baht) to the girls family that is more than enough. And then, they will do the rest of the things for you. 

And the best bit is that they are easily available. Well if you want to hook up with Thai girls but not just Bar girls they are available in some dating websites which are widely used in Thailand like Thaifriendly. I recommend you to use a a one month membership for $25 and chat with girls online. You will come to Thailand running after you have a thai online girlfriend.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Thai bar girls| Hookers

This is the updated version of my previous post Thai Bar girls. I will dig deeper into Bar girls in Thailand in this post.

Thai bar girls are the best in providing the service you want. They are hard working girls and are ready to do almost everything. 

Fair enough, in a way as long as you get what you want and they get what they want from you "Money". That's how business or in fact everything should be done. It's a win-win situation for both of you guys.

These girls work in a Bar and get 4000 - 5000 baht ( $120- $170) salary and most of there income comes from sales, the more they can entertain a customer which are usually Farangs (Westerners), the more is their commission and if they go sleep with you, it's all there money too.

And they know how to make their customers happy and being an Asian their body is fantastic especially if they are from upcountry the food they eat is all raw which gives them a great, natural body with probably the best legs in the world. 

Thai bar girls are quite friendly and will invite you for a drink. Their English is not very good but still they're smart enough and know how to deal with customers. If you like a girl in a bar, don't just approach her and ask her to sleep with you. Make sure, you first talk to the girl and buy her a drink or so. Try to make some conversation with them. Also, it is advisable to never tell a Thai Bar Girl that her English is not good. It's a big "No No" in Thailand. 

A girl could cost somewhere around 1500 baht to 2500 baht ($50 - $85). But, they definitely know how to look after their customers. If you plan to pick them up from the Bars then you would have to pay Mama San some money to let her go with you. Always, talk in advance about the short-time (couple of hours) or long time (whole night).  Bar girls tend to prefer short time sometimes depending on their availability the next day. 

Two things that are easily accessible in Bangkok are Bar girls and of course Booze. Bar girls in Thailand are usually girls from upcountry and support their family. If you want to have a Bar girl as your girlfriend you have to make sure that you support her family financially. Normally, the whole family in upcountry Thailand can live comfortably with 5000 baht to 10000 baht ($170 - $340). 

A lot of bar girls in Thailand that I have met are not crackheads and if you plan to meet crackheads in Thailand then you should approach Ladyboys. You can also meet some bar girls through Online dating sites like Thai friendly, Tagged, Badoo and Skout. Quite a lot of girls could be found on these websites actually and some also have pretty pics and also their charges. 

So, happy hunting guys. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Western Hookers VS Thai Freelancers?

Thai hookers are fantastic and there is certainly no doubt about it. I will give you more reasons while you read through my article. On the other hand, western hookers are unexciting and crackheads.

First the western world :

1. Escorts

These are the kind of hookers that are quite expensive and if you have to do weird stuff with them, then make sure that you give them a hefty tip. Usually they work independently in hotels and private houses. They like to work independently and try to advertise themselves online or through word of mouth.

2. Escorts but with an Agency

These escorts don't work independently and are mistreated a little bit. They are fairly expensive but they have to give some money to their agencies for which they work.

3. Window Workers

 These hookers are displayed in windows trying to  induce a passerby. Usually, it has a set up pretty similar to massage parlors in Bangkok, Thailand with a small room, bathroom, don't forget the time limit, bed of course, kitchen and other necessary items.

4. Street Hookers

These hookers are crackheads, notorious in a lot of ways, get involved in a lot of unsafe things and definitely a lot of them get murdered a lot walking on the streets. They charge less money and it's advisable to have sex with them using a condom.

Now, Thai Hookers 

1. Street Hookers 

 Bangkok is a city of hookers. Young girls from the age of 16 are sometimes seen on the streets of Sukhumvit ( Downtown Bangkok) holding hands with a 60 year old white guy. It's only possible in Thailand. The best part of Thai street hookers is that they have a great body as most of them are from upcountry Isaan ( North east ) of Thailand where they eat a lot of crappy food from insects to rats and bats and all that shit. Apparently, its good for health which gives them a great body shape with probably the best legs in the world.

They usually charge money from 500 baht ($20) to 2000 baht($70). It completely depends on how attractive the hooker is.

2. Bar worker/ Coyote

 Some areas in Bangkok like Sukhumvit Nana has a lot of Bar girls. If you want to take them out to your hotel, you can definitely do so however you have to pay them and also some money to their Mama San. usually they are a little expensive somewhere around 1500 baht to 2500 baht ($50 - $80). They are good at English and definitely know how to take care of a Man.

Make sure in advance to book them for full night and they will feed you and do whatever as you like if you pay them some extra tip. Also, they don't hesitate in doing anything. I have seen and heard people making these girls doing some really crazy things and they love to do it for money.

3. Independent Workers

These girls will charge you around 2000 baht to 3000 baht ($70 -$100). You can find them on dating website like Thaifriendly.com. However, keep in mind that all Thai girls are not hookers and its always advisable to approach them with respect and dignity.

You can also find them on Yellow pages. just look for the word " M " and then make phone calls to Massage parlors and they will send a girl to wherever you are. You can talk about the money and everything on phone. These girls from my experience are quite hot.

Thai girls or Asians are definitely better than the western hookers for a lot of reasons and they do not involve in any shit. You pay them and they will be with you for a particular time. The agreement is quite simple and straightforward and the girls do everything for little money.

Some of them are from OK families but they work as freelancers because of their fondness to this business.

Well, anyway I would love to hear some comments from anyone regarding which one they would prefer if they have a choice.

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